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Judaism isn't confined to a synagogue.
We also strive for spirituality within our homes.
A mezuzah on the doorpost designates the home as Jewish,
reminding us of our connection to G-d and our heritage.
A mezuzah on your doorpost is a statement of pride in your Jewish identity.

The Mezuzah
A Mezuzah is a portion of the Torah on a handmade parchment scroll affixed to your doorpost. (It contains two Torah chapters (Deut. 6:4-9 and 11:13-21) including the "Shema Yisrael", declaration of faith in G-d's Oneness, a basic principle of Jewish faith.)

A mezuzah, of handmade parchment from a kosher animal, is inscribed in black ink with a quill pen by a specially trained, religiously devout scribe. The scribe concentrates intensely and writes with special Hebrew characters in a beautiful calligraphic hand.

A mezuzah has 713 letters. Jewish law dictates and defines every letter's form in numerous laws. To be written in accordance with Jewish law, a mezuzah must meet thousands of requirements.

If one of a mezuzah's 713 letters is missing or shaped incorrectly, the mezuzah is invalid. The mitzvah is unfulfilled, and the blessing said over it is in vain. (This is compared to the indispensability of each Jew towards the integrity of the community as a whole.)
Some errors can be corrected in accordance with Jewish law. Some can't.

Mezuzahs, even when written by the most expert of scribes, must be inspected before being purchased and occasionally thereafter.

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