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The Kushner International Mezuzah Bank was founded and funded on a vision that was revolutionary a scope that was breathtaking and a premise that was simple.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of blessed memory felt all Jewish homes should have a Mezuzah. And could have a Mezuzah. That vision is The International Mezuzah Bankís heart.

Rabbi Sholom Dov Ber Lipskar founder and spiritual leader of The Shul of Bal Harbor, Florida, he implemented the initiative to create The International Mezuzah Bank. So they that would have a Mezuzah.

Mr. & Mrs. Yaakov and Chana Weinbaum, Holocaust survivors and The Shul of Bal Harbour affiliates, helped create The Mezuzah Bank with a major magnanimous gift to Chabad. It was a great mitzvah: to subsidize and enable a very special meaningful mitzvah of building and rebuilding, whilst protecting and preserving Jewish homes in every possible sense.

The C. Kushner Companies Foundation recognizing the urgency of perpetuating and expanding the Bank, created and endowed The Kushner International Mezuah Bank so every Jewish home could have a Mezuzah.

It was a very big mitzvah: they undertook the project because they understood how fundamentally important a mezuzah is for a Jewish home.

And now your home will have one too. (Mazal Tov!)

The Mezuzah Bankís momentum and initiative encourages countless people to attach to their Jewish spirit, heritage, and identity, and the Jewishness of their homes.

Itís touched thousands.

The Mezuzah Bank, and the The Shul of Bal Harbor and rabbis, have distributed Mezuzahs throughout communities in the US and Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, and more.

And thatís only the beginning.

The Mezuzah Bank plans to widen the initiative with follow-ups, outreach, spreading information, study opportunities, connections with communities, relationships with synagogues and college campuses, mezuzah registry, innovative programs, and more.

As far as Jewish imagination can envision.

And more.

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